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Zumba Classes


Tong Sports Centre on a Tuesday evening



Cleckheaton Town Hall on a Wednesday evening






Tiny Tots

This class incorporates the basics of ballet with a mixture of tap, mime and movement and disco. Children can start at age 2 dependant on ability. This is a fun class which mums can participate in if they wish.


Ballet is the basis of all dance. It teaches the performer correct stance, poise, co-ordination, balance and grace and is excellent for posture. Older children can progress to pointe work.


Children are taught how to use their feet to tap out exciting rhythms. They will work towards IDTA examinations and a yearly performance at our local theatre.

Musical Theatre/Performing Arts

Pupils will study the basic stage dance syllabus, and will take regular examinations. In this lesson we also learn routines for our shows which often include singing and characterisation. This is a ‘learning to be on the stage’ class, ideal for outgoing children who like to show off but also gives confidence to those children who may find it hard to express themselves. Students learn how to present and characterise songs along with suitable dance movements.


Our gymnastic classes enable students to learn many basic gymnastic moves progressing to acrobatics.

Freestyle/Street Dance

This class is a combination of Jazz and Disco Dance. Jazz Dance is used in Musicals and on Pop Videos and TV. Disco dancing is very informal, steps are taught to the most up to date chart music. A fun class which will teach you moves to impress your friends!

Adult Classes

We have adult tap and jazz classes available for the more mature performer. A chance to be in our yearly show (or not) and exercise whilst having fun.


We are starting a cheerleading class to support our local team, Birkenshaw Amateur Rugby Club. Our team will be working hard to cheer for every match, home or away so pick up your poms and prepare for a workout! Classes include gymnastic moves, flips and tricks and extensive limbering will be required. Cheerleading is a progressive, fast-moving sport that requires dedication and determination. In all of our Cheerleading classes, a section of the lesson is dedicated to strengthening and raising fitness levels. Gymnastic moves also play a big part in our training regime and part of the class will concentrate on tumbling and lifting abilities.

Pensioners’ keep fit

Pensioners’ keep fit/aerobics takes place on Tuesday afternoons at 3.30pm. This is a thirty minute class based on gentle exercise to appropriate music designed to keep you active and fit in your later years.

First Dance

Learn a routine tailored to your specifications. Select your music then learn a dance with your partner which will impress your friends and relatives. Our package includes four one-hour dance lessons and a DVD of those lessons so you can practice your routine at home.